Introduction to Solid Geometry Library Toolbox

The SG-Lib is a toolbox for the Matlab math program from Mathworks. In some cases further Matlab toolboxes are required.
The aim of the development since 2010 is to automate the design process for the construction of robots. This concerns the construction of rigid bodies, joints, kinematics, gears, but also shape optimization with computer-aided optimization (CAO) or topology optimization (SKO) both for small movements (small displacement) or the mechanism design (large displacement). Likewise, a part of the SG-Lib is dedicated to the simulation of multi-body systems and the automatic generation of control code for the µC of the arduino family or the use of 2D or 3D surface cameras. There is also a connection for processing medical image data from CT/MRT.
Tim Lueth, Professor at Technical University of Munich, Germany

The Toolbox can be downloaded at Matlab Central (set of all SG-Lib versions) at GitHub (dedicates SG-Lib versions) for educational non-profit purpose. The Toolbox license always expires after about one year. Until then there is always a new version. The Toolbox will certainly be further developed until 2035.

The library grows with discussions and also by code of other researchers:

The pictures show some examples of mechanisms designed with the SG-Lib. The work is typically presented at the IEEE Conferences ICRA, IROS and ROBIO and many more:

Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1